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‘When you hang a Fortuny® lamp, you’re creating an atmosphere with emotional impact – one that your visitors will experience with the mind and in the heart.
I used to visit the Fortuny Museum very often – from the age of 17 I visited the palazzo daily. It was the home, the laboratory and the meditation den of the incredible Spanish artist, Mariano Fortuny. The palazzo was overflowing with curiosities, and left an indelible mark on me
When I founded Venetia Studium in 1984, my mission was to carry on where Fortuny left off. I couldn’t bear the thought that such unusual and incredible designs – from the mind of a genius in lighting, furnishings and fashion – might be lost.
We spent years discovering and mastering the method of silk pleating Fortuny conceived. And we grew from there. Venetia Studium is the only company in the world that can use the Fortuny trademark for lamps.
Our work is proof that you can do something new while reviving something traditional.’
Lino Lando, Founder, Venetia Studium 



Furnishings That Enhance Any Space & Style

Unique & Memorable

Mariano Fortuny was an artist, photographer, stage designer, inventor and fashion designer whose work gained icon status.

Drawing on our collection of Fortuny® lamps, you can adorn your space with this genius’ distinctive shapes and motifs, adding timeless beauty to your interior.

Quintessentially Venetian

Venice was the historic crossroads between East and West, and its traditions are a rich tapestry of Italian, Byzantine, Arabic, Oriental and other European influences.

This cultural fusion was a constant source of inspiration to Mariano Fortuny, and it’s reflected in the designs and materials we use.

Innovative & Functional

Marcel Proust once described Fortuny’s designs as ‘faithfully antique but markedly original.’

We continue in that tradition, with a range of lamps that offer creative ways of diffusing light. The result is a soft illumination that perfectly complements any space and décor.












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‘New objects that speak an ancient language of elegance and good taste.’

– Lino Lando, Founder of Venetia Studium

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